KK4TSJ, first contacts

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So far, I’ve been scanning the local North Atlanta repeaters around Cobb, Fulton, and Gwinett county.  I’m able to pick up fairly strong reception from some of the local repeaters, and I’m very impressed with the quality of freely available software that was available to help me get on the air.  I’m presently making use of an inexpensive 4 Watt Baofeng UV-5R.  I’ve been working with computer systems, unix system programming, embedded programming, and electronics for nearly a decade and a half, and it was only natural that I was going to come across some use cases that would require a radio license.

Initially, my interest was video downlink connection from model aircraft, but I’ve since come across digital modes for weak signals, and it’s consumed my interest.  I have some designs captured in schematics for a Texas Instruments based PCM2900C USB sound card interface with auxiliary input/output and monitor.  I’ve looked at the Signalink USB, and it’s interesting, but ham radio is about cooking up your own mad science!  I’m still working on laying out a reasonable PCB before sending the order off the OSHPark or one of the other fine PCB bundling services.  I intend to publish my work under the Creative Common Attribution Share Alike license when it’s ready.

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