Disaster Preparation: Go Bags, Bug-Out Bags, Roadkits, etc.

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What does disaster prepping having to do with amateur radio?  Well, quite a bit.  Radio is a communication tool that is not (always) dependent on grid power or telecommunications utilities functioning, and it is therefore a critical tool in the science of disaster preparation.  While the KK4TSJ is fairly small, low powered, and modest at the present time, it is functional and can operate under low power or no power situations.

However, having batteries and a car cigarette lighter power adapter helps me keep the comms going, it isn’t enough to support the other basic necessities for survival.  That is where my roadkit comes into play!  Some people also refer to this as a go bag or a bug out bag.

Roadkit Contents:

  • Water, cups, canteen, storage jug
  • Non-perishable snacks, granola bars, fruit snacks, can opener (I need to get some canned goods, too)
  • Flashlight, lantern, chemical lights (glowsticks)
  • Spare hats, jackets, emergency ponchos, misc. clothing
  • Automotive toolbox, multitool, screwdriver, air compressor (tire pump)
  • Retail emergency roadside kit, contains: first aid kit, road flares, emergency blanket, jumper cables, and tire sealant
  • Camping chairs x3: one for me, one for the missus, and one for junior
  • Map of Georgia & compass
  • Storage crates, bag, bungee cords, rope, ratcheting tie downs

While there are some definite improvements that can be made to the kit, that covers most of the critical needs in an emergency or disaster situation.  It also helps out in simple, day-to-day situations like junior getting hungry or thirsty on a long drive, and helps on a cold day when you forget your jacket or hat at the house.

No two individuals will have the same needs, and what works for me might not work for you.  Just consider what needs you may have in an emergency situation while on the go, and tailor what sort of junk you keep in your trunk accordinging.

73 and good day,


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