Local Repeater Report

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I’ve been bouncing around between a number of the local repeaters over the past few months, and I wanted to get some information out about where I’ve been.  Some repeaters have hosted some solid conversations, and others only gave me a squelch tail, but I got into all of them somehow.  The locations vary from a few places in and around Atlanta, but most are from my host location in Smyrna, GA.

Frequency Config. Callsign Name/Organization URL
146.880 MHz (-) PL 100.0 Hz W4BTI Kennehoochee Amateur Radio Club (Sweat Mountain) http://www.w4bti.org/
145.47 MHz (-) PL 100.0 Hz NF4GA North Fulton Amateur Radio League (Sweat Mountain) http://www.nfarl.org/
147.06 MHz (+) PL 100.0 Hz NF4GA North Fulton Amateur Radio League (Historic Roswell) http://www.nfarl.org/
145.15 MHz (-) PL 167.9 Hz W4AQL Georgia Tech Amateur Radio Club http://w4aql.gtorg.gatech.edu/
146.820 MHz (-) PL 146.2 Hz W4DOC Atlanta Radio Club (Bank of America Tower) http://w4doc.org/
147.105 MHz (+) PL 110.9 Hz WB4RTH Atlanta C.A.R.E.S. Radio Club (Marietta) http://atlanta.caresmentoring.org/
147.075 MHz (+) PL 82.5 Hz W4GR Gwinett Amateur Radio Society http://www.gars.org/w4gr
146.955 MHz (-) PL 77.0 Hz WB4QOJ Paulding County ARES http://www.pauldingares.com/
145.430 MHz (-) PL 107.2 Hz WB4NWS Jim, WB4NWS, hosts Cherokee Co. ARES from Mt. Oglethorpe http://www.cherokee-ares.org/
147.150 MHz (+) PL 141.3 Hz WB4GQX Sawnee Amateur Radio Association (Cumming) http://www.sawneeradio.com/
145.130 MHz (-) PL 156.7 Hz K4SEX Bill Gremillion Memorial Radio Club (Newnan) http://www.bgmrc.org/
146.790 MHz (-) NO PL K4SEX Bill Gremillion Memorial Radio Club (Newnan) http://www.bgmrc.org/
147.165 MHz (+) PL 131.8 Hz N4OME Darryl, N4OME (Newnan) http://www.w4zt.com/n4ome/
145.200 MHz (-) NO PL NA4MB North American Mission Board Radio Club (Flowery Branch) http://www.namb.net/
145.450 MHz (-) PL 107.2 Hz W4BOC Alford Memorial Radio Club (Stone Mountain) http://www.totr-radio.org/
145.41 MHz (-) PL 100.0 Hz W4PME Metro Atlanta Telephone Pioneer ARC http://www.matparc.org/
443.150 MHz (+) NO PL W4PME Metro Atlanta Telephone Pioneer ARC http://www.matparc.org/
145.110 MHz (+) PL 88.5 Hz W4SCR Skint Chestnut Amateur Radio Society (Douglasville) http://www.qsl.net/w4scr/
145.49 MHz (-) PL 88.5 Hz W4LMA Lockheed Martin Employees ARC http://www.qsl.net/w4lma/
444.425 MHz (+) PL 107.2 Hz WK4E Cobb County ARES http://www.w4bti.org/cobbares.html
146.970 MHz (-) PL 100.0 Hz K4CLJ Benjamin, K4CLJ (Marietta)  
146.805 MHz (+) PL 100.0 Hz KC4AQS James, KC4AQS (Calhoun)  
444.925 MHz (+) PL 103.5 Hz N4YF Michael, N4YF (Sugar Hill)  
442.850 MHz (+) PL 82.5 Hz WB4HJG Mark, WB4HJG (Lula) http://www.qsl.net/wb4hjg/
444.025 MHz (+) PL 127.3 Hz W4CML Charles, W4CML (Atlanta)  
147.120 MHz (+) PL 100.0 Hz W4CMA Cedar Valley Amateur Radio Club (Rome) http://cvarc.rf.org/Website/index.html
146.940 MHz (-) PL 88.5 Hz W4VO Northwest Georgia Amateur Radio Club http://www.w4vo.org/
145.330 MHz (-) PL 100.0 Hz KI4KQH Floyd County Amateur Radio Club  
146.685 MHz (-) PL 167.9 Hz K4NGA North Georgia VHF Society (Adairsville)  
147.315 MHz (+) PL ? KI4KHO Cliff, KI4KHO (Macon)  
146.910 MHz (-) PL 88.5 Hz K4HYB Charles E. Newton Jr ARC (Griffin)  
146.715 MHz (-) PL 146.2 Hz KI4FVI Stan, KI4FVI (McDonough)  
145.170 MHz (-) PL 146.2 Hz KJ4KPY Southern Crescent Amateur Radio Club http://www.southerncrescentradio.org/
145.210 MHz (-) PL 131.8 Hz KK4GQ Fayette County Amateur Radio Club http://www.kk4qg.org/
145.230 MHz (-) PL 151.4 Hz WB4JEH Charles, WB4JEH (Conyers)  
147.210 MHz (+) PL 162.2 Hz KF4GHF Conyers Amateur Radio Group http://bellsouthpwp.net/j/l/jlshumak/default.htm
146.925 MHz (-) PL 88.5 Hz WA4ASI George, WA4ASI (Newton County) https://sites.google.com/site/wa4asirepeater/

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