10 Meter Band Operation Research

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Presently, I’m still just a technician class licensee, but my license does give me privileges to operate 10 meter HF on frequencies between 28.000 MHz to 28.300 MHz for CW and 28.300 MHz to 28.500 MHz for upper sideband (USB) voice.  I have yet to really throw myself into learned Morse code, so I will need to focus on the sideband operation.  I’ve found a lot resources on the subject, but this article from HamUniverse.com is an excellent comprehensive write up of the subject.

I have the fortunate luck to have my hands on a Uniden President HR2510, and I picked up a cheap truckstop quality HF SWR meter for it.  I know that it’s meant for 11 meter CB radios, but reviews on Amazon indicate successful operation from 160 meters to 6 meters from another radio amateur.  I’ve still got my eyeball on an MFJ-259B antenna analyzer for more precise antenna construction, but that will have to wait for the KK4TSJ personal budget to open up more sometime in the future.

I’ve made and tuned a wire inverted-v dipole antenna with integrated W2DU style current balun.  Reads roughly below 1.5 VSWR for the sideband portion of my frequency privileges, but I want to dedicate a future post to that antenna, it’s design, and my outdoor hanging plans once I get it hung.  I’m still not convinced that the design is the best, but I’m confident it will work for the intended purpose better and cheaper than commercial options will provide.

Stay tuned for the next post, and I promise to post some pictures of the new antenna.  73.

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