10 Meter Inverted Vee Dipole

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10 Meter Inverted Vee Dipole

Made this 10 meter inverted vee dipole a couple of months ago. Each element is between 7.5′ and 7.75′ long. I cut it to length for resonance on 28.400 MHz for maximum quality operation on the USB (upper sideband) region of the 10 meter band available for technician operators. I used an Astatic PDC2 combination SWR and power meter I picked up off of Amazon for cheap. It’s designed for the unlicensed CB (Citizens Band) on 11 meter, but positive reviews from other hams indicating successful use on bands between 160 meters and 10 meters sealed the deal for me.

Unfortunately, all of my efforts to hang this antenna in a tree outside have proved fruitless. First, the weather got in the way, then a lack of the needed length of feedline did it in. I’m going to hold on to this since it has a good SWR for 10m, but I think I’m going to go with a vertical for operating that band. It seems that most of the hams out there operating on 10m are using shortened CB antennas, anyway!